12 October 2010

mixing Win PE 3 and Linux.

The last days I enjoyed myself by mixing Win PE 3 and Linux.

I wanted to use these o/s simultaneously,so this is the result.


1) Get the ISO image file of WInPE 3.0 and open it

2) On the root of the ISO image put these file and folders :

a) Colinux

a1) Colinux-0.7.8 from here :

a2) Compressed Linux filesystem from here :

Unzip the the file to C:\coLinux. This will take a while (unpacked it will be 1G). Unzipped, the file will have the name Ubuntu-9.04.ext3.1gb.fs.

The images that coLinux provides may not be big enough for our needs, especially if we plan to install Gnome or KDE. Here's a nifty little program we can use to increase the size of the image file: Toporesize can be found on Colinux Image Tools.

a3) Edit the colinux.conf file like this :







b) tools

b1) 7z files from here :

b2) NXclient client / server for Windows / Linux files from here :

b3) Wincap-nmap-4.11.exe file

c) script.bat

edited script.bat like this and put it on the root of the ISO image

@echo off

set tagsource=\colinux

for %%i in (c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z) do if exist "%%i:%tagsource%" set cddrive=%%i:

set tagdest=\"autoexec.bat"

for %%i in (c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z) do if exist "%%i:%tagdest%" set drivedest=%%i:

echo %cddrive%

echo %drivedest%


cd \tools

winpcap-nmap-4.11.exe /s


cd \

if exist %drivedest%\colinux echo You already have an old installaion of Colinux,starting...

if exist %drivedest%\colinux goto start_colinux

mkdir colinux


cd \colinux

xcopy *.* %drivedest%\colinux /S

cd \tools\7z

copy 7z*.* %drivedest%\colinux


cd \colinux

7z e



cd \colinux

colinux-daemon.exe --remove-driver

colinux-daemon.exe --install-driver

start /MIN colinux-daemon @colinux.conf


cd \tools\nxclient

start nxclient
that's all. I attached a screenshot to show how works WinPE and Linux together,some time ago enemies,now friends :)

2 October 2010

Build Windows 7 PE (X86 only) without WAIK

Build Windows 7 PE (X86 only) without WAIK: "Build Windows 7 PE (X86 only) without WAIK

Every Windows 7 has equipped with Windows PE (Winre) as a recovery tools that can be access from install DVD, recovery folder or system repair cd.
All those Winre image are the same image except start with different shell.

Windows 7 also has Dism to mount/unmount wim image, all of that resources (winre and dism) can be use to build custom Windows 7 PE without downloading WAIK.

I made a batch command to build custom Windows 7 PE using winre image, mount wim image using dism, add additional file/registry, save wim image and create bootable ufd using diskpart to be used with Windows 7 PE.
it has additional tasks also to make back up entry of installed Windows 7 so you can use UFD to boot current windows 7.
more details about build process can be read in readme.txt
-My_7PE can only be run on windows 7 or windows 7 PE
-My_7PE support WIndows 7 32 bit only
My_7PE tested on Windows 7 en-US only, but it supposed to automatically detect distribution language and international settings, please let me know if does not work for others distribution languages.

Due to similarity of build processes with Wimb's Make_PE3, i use packages/file list and registry from Make_PE3. thanks to Wimb for his great effort thumbup.gif
credits goes to Wimb and others original author thumbup.gif

here some screenshots My_7PE running some portable apps
(notes: portables apps are not included, you can add portable apps to ufd and manage using pstart)

Download My_7PE from here :