5 June 2010

New version of SARDU! ( Boot Land )

This week davidecosta has released a new version of Sardu on Boot Land, here is the log of details:

* Add Chinese Trad. (thanks to 丹楓 Danfong-虫二電氣診所 )
* Add support to Inquisitor Live CD Debian Based
* Change support to Ubuntu/Kubuntu (now work together)
* Add Support to BackTrack Linux
* Fix boot SRCD
* Fix Kubuntu with usb
* Support both Inquisitor 32 and 64bit
* Update memtest to 4.10
* Fix Puppy, now works also with lupu-*.iso
* Fix New GData
* Fix F-Secure with UBCD
* Fix some software of UBCD
* Fix Update F-Secure

You can grab the latest version at this link: