4 July 2010

"God KEY" representation to help you activate the MSDN Office Professional Plus 2010

The day before yesterday to share theOffice Professional Plus 2010 (Chinese Simplified / Traditional / English) MSDN official version download, download and install the first step in the need to enter the product key, since no key leaks out, causing can not be installed today in the online office 2007 found an input validation key can be used to complete the installation activation MSDN Office 2010! In this share friends!

office 2010
Office 2010 key (serial number):


(KEY have friends over after directly activated! Not adopted in accordance with the following action to activate! June 23 update KEY)

Prior to use and share over theexperience of sharing: Use windows 7 keys + phone successfully activated windows 7 systemsimilar;


Installedoffice 2010MSDN must be original;

Specific activation methods:

Upon completion of the installation of Office Professional Plus 2010, it will enter the key into the interface:

office 2010激活破解

Enter key in the box, on the try-line activation, choose or not choose Jieke have already activated a precedent! Click Enter key to continue, until the installation is complete, and then start a office component, if not pop up the activation wizard, you're in office 2010 have been directly activated, if the Activation Wizard pops up, you need to activate in accordance with the following steps:

1, the Activation Wizard page select "I want to activate by phone software", as shown:

office 2010激活破解

2, "next" after the phone activation page first select "China", and then call toll free (recommended third: 4008203800), as shown:

office 2010激活破解

3, dial the phone directly to press 2. Then:

Select Mandarin service: press 1;

Need to activate the Microsoft product is purchased in retail stores and has pre-installed on computers: press 1;

For the product installation password, enter the installation ID can image above (points 9 input, each 6);

Enter a question after the completion of:

(1) "is not in the same machine to re-install the system?" - Choose "Yes" or "1";
(2) "is not already uninstalled the previous installation?" - Choose "Yes" or "1."

- Do not try to manually activate

And then will activate the serial number (ie image above to enter the confirmation ID) available to you (points 8 to this, each time 6), be sure to listen carefully! Note the chart after the input box, the "Next" to achieve activation, as shown:

office 2010 ACTIVE
If done correctly, 100% can be activated in the activation process be careful not to copy the wrong error ID, as a result of operational errors refused to activate the ID, Microsoft's activation server will note the "hardware hash information" which led to not use this KEY Activate! Can try to disable some computer hardware drivers (such as network cards, graphics) to re-activate the phone!

Comparison of alternative current installation steps (input key to install), so relatively simple activation method, the other a "substitution" because to replace the program files, so do not share!

In the near days, Microsoft will release a version of office 2010 large customers (VOL Edition), by the time when you can use the "KMS activation" and "MAK key," activation of two ways to activate! Anyway, we eventually must be able to successfully install and activate the Office 2010 version!