21 April 2010

WinBuilder 081

WinBuilder 081

Peter has prepared the first beta version of WinBuilder 081 (kudos to Peter!).

You can grab it straight from the winbuilder site:

The list of changes follows below:
[081] alpha

added - System,HasUAC and System,IsTerminal commands
fixed - bug "RegMulti,HKLM,Section,Key,DELETE,SubVal bug"
fixed - bug "RegWrite,HKLM,0x3,
fixed - access violation in Set,%InterfaceVar%
fixed - bug "AddInterface does not work when used with run"
changed - "Add a new object" window in Interface Editor is sized depending on DPI
added - Please add the function to doublecklick a line the the combobox of "Add a new object window" to add the object
added - AutoSave mechanism to interface editor
added - When clicking the green 'run' arrow in source editor, it is (depending on AutoSave option) also asked for 'save' before starting
added - Interface editor now can group elements to adjust or move them all simultaneously
added - #$z to magic wand
fixed - "Coolest Bug ever!" corrupting .scr file
added - AutoSave mechanism to description editor
fixed - License window sizing issue
fixed - Comma issue in If commands
added - Deleting all selected components in interface editor
added - Equal horizontal or vertical spacing of components in interface editor
added - Horizontal or vertical centering of components in interface editor
added - optional [Text] output in log rather than download icons.
added - optional supressing time output in log, in order to compare easier.
added - NOWARN parameter to FileDelete command
fixed - Bug in RegMulti, which overwrote %variables%
fixed - Bug in logging error of DirCopy command (wrote " + s" rather than error description)
added - Verbose option to Debug Log
added - NOREC option to FileDelete
changed - the string "#" can be passed and is not seen as parameter
fixed - Codebox in a fresh started WB was without API
fixed - Bug in logging Loop statements
changed - certification logic
added - System,HasDOS8_3 command

Release as 081 Beta 1 on 2010-APR-19


Your feedback is welcome.

Please remember that this is not a final RC or stable version and shouldn't be used for projects that are released to the public (for that case we recommend using the latest stable version)

Thank you for testing!! cheers.gif